L'objectif scientifique du jardin ampélographique fut de constituer une collection accessible par tous.Outil pédagogique pour les professeurs de l'Université du Vin , la collection est accessible aux étudiants et amateurs qui peuvent suivre les stades phrénologiques, s'entraîner à reconnaître les caractères morphologiques des variétés ils pourront comme le vigneron observer la vie du jeune rameau, la forme de la baie, surveiller les premiers bourgeonnements….

15 nov. 2006

the University of Wine and the castle of Suze

Seminars Oenology

Suze la Rousse University, the Science of wine for everyone

Wine has its University, its students, its trainees and its diplomas. In the heart of the vineyards of the Cotes du Rhône, one learns about the vine and the wine, its history and its culture. And it is open to everyone! Professionals, for short or long courses, and amateurs, who come to learn wine tasting during a week end.
The idea came up one day in 1978. All the ingredients were present. A beautiful castle, classified Historical building, in the heart of the vineyards of the Cotes du Rhône, and professionals who had a science, and a passion to pass on but also lots of things they have to learn themselves. Because wine men know it well: all those, who believe they know everything, in fact know nothing at all and everything remains to be learned. Wine is, above all, a school of modesty.

Since then, the University of Wine has considerably developed. More than two hundred students and two thousand people, in permanent training, come there every year and they have an extraordinary working tool.

A Documentation Centre with a large library and files available, directly on the Internet site, a specialized bookshop, a Congress Centre, seminars and receptions, an Oeno-agronomic Development and Research centre, which considers the quality of all the wines of the world, the Vine Garden, located at the foot of the castle which cultivates the seventy main types of vines of the great wine countries. And finally, a Certified Tasting Centre where the examinations and obligatory controls are held before a wine can get the famous "AOC" label (Appellation d'Origine Controllée). The tasting amphitheatre comprises thirty-six evaluation stations.

The University of Wine delivers diplomas, in partnership with other universities, and also ensures a permanent formation for professionals with training courses of short duration. But also training courses during the weekend, for the very many amateur oenophiles, who come there for pleasure while learning, in Suze la Rousse, the art of tasting.
Université du Vin, at Suze la Rousse (Drôme)
Tel.: +33 (0) 4 75 97 21 34

Week-end Initiation to Wine Tasting is organized for amateurs from September 30th. Over 2 days, 335 euros with Sunday lunch, at Château de Rochegude (Relais Châteaux).

Saturday Wine Sensation: from October 7th: 155 euros per person or 300 euros for two including the visit of the vineyard of Châteauneuf du Pape and a "wine-growers" lunch at the village.

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